Building a NBA News Feed with React-Redux

Posted by ChristopherJamesN on October 27, 2017

For my final project, I wanted to build a NBA news feed that allows users to view the most update to date NBA news as well as take and save notes on the news as it is reported.

The application has one HTML page that is used to render the react-redux application. React-bootstrap is used to provide styling for the application.

The application contains two primary container components, a news page container, which contains a news list component that displays the latest NBA related news. The application also contains a notes page container, which contains a notes list component of all the notes that a user has created relating to any selected news story.

The application also includes 5 stateless components. A news list component, which is made up of individual news components, and a notes list component that is made up of multiple notes components. The app also includes a footer component, navbar component, and app component.

React-router is used to provide client side routing to routes to create a new note, view and edit an existing note, and to view an individual news item.

Rails is used to handle all data persistence, and fetch() is used within all actions to GET and POST data from the Rails API. NewsAPI is used to fetch the most recent news stories from ESPN.