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My Fullstack Web Development Learning Journey

Using Google Maps Embed API with Rails

I recently built a web application on Rails to help users in the Katy, Texas area to locate maintained hiking trails nearby. As part of the application, I wanted users to be able to see a map of the trail and the surrounding area quickly. In order to accomplish this, I used the Google Maps Embed API.

Building a NBA News Feed with React-Redux

For my final project, I wanted to build a NBA news feed that allows users to view the most update to date NBA news as well as take and save notes on the news as it is reported.

Adding Dynamic Features to a Rails App with jQuery

For my fourth portfolio project, I worked on expanding the Rails project that I built in my previous project. The goal was to add dynamic features to the app using jQuery and a JSON API.

The Value of Learning through Failing

One of my favorite aspects of programming is the amount that you can learn through failure. Whether it be through the failure of tests when working within a test-driven development framework or simply debugging syntax errors in your code, there is always a lesson to be learned.

Using Rails to Create a Fanatasy Football Lineup Building Web Application

Building and tracking my daily fantasy sports lineups has historically been a chore, so I created a web application using the Ruby on Rails framework that allows the user to create lineups and players, with each player having a name, position, actual points, and projected points attributes. This allows the user to track how their players have performed compared to their projections.